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« Underground » style for MecVel linear actuators

  • « Underground » style for MecVel linear actuators

    « Underground » style for MecVel linear actuators

    Among the possible applications with MecVel linear actuators, there are also the most difficult fields such as:

    • Heavy industry, drilling and mining
    • Power plants industry and renewable energies
    • Oil and gas industry

    Technical details, certifications, but also extreme customization: each element dedicated to act in these contexts is designed and constantly developed to withstand working in complex environments, as well as provide faster and more functional duty cycles.
    A further advantage is given by the use of the electric system that can provide high performance through:
    • Easy and essential connections, power only when required and reliable control such as arrests in intermediate positions
    • Possibility to work with high temperature, dust and vibration with minimum noise, wear and maintenance
    • No need of pumps, tubes, valves and pipes, excluding the risk of contamination due to oil leaks, allowing the use of these systems in the most different industrial fields
    Moreover pneumatic and hydraulic systems can be affected by variation in pressure and flow, instead of electric systems.
    Then the range of 100% made in Italy linear actuators proposed by MecVel is characterized by innovation, efficiency and ease of use, where each product is studied to improve and make unique every single handling experience.

    Download the presentation in PDF format to find out more information on these kinds of applications!

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